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News articles that feature JOTF and its work:

Baltimore Sun, November 13, 2012: "Paid sick leave urged in Maryland"  

Baltimore Sun, May 2, 2012: "Criminal record shouldn't be a barrier to work"

Maryland Daily Record, April 14, 2009: "Unemployment benefits, Preakness bill among first to hit governor's desk"


USA TODAY, April 9, 2009: "Many of the jobless get no unemployment benefits"


Baltimore Sun, April 1, 2009: "Unlocking big savings"


Baltimore Sun, March 23, 2009: "Parole fee burdens ex-offenders"


Baltimore Sun, March 3, 2009: "There are times when nothing useful comes from prison time"


Baltimore Sun, January 27, 2009: "Unemployment benefits sought for part-time workers"


New York Times, January 12, 2009: "Adding to Recession's Pain, Thousands to Lose Jobless Benefits"


Baltimore Examiner, January 9, 2009: "Local groups rally for stimulus package"


Wall Street Journal, January 7, 2009: "Obama Pushes States to Cover More Unemployed"


New York Times, January 4, 2009: "Obama Considers Major Expansion in Aid to Jobless"


Baltimore Sun, December 15, 2008: "Not building Red Line would continue sad status quo"


Washington Times, November 17, 2008: "When one job, one pay isn't enough"


Associated Press, November 9, 2008: "Social workers boosting expertise on money woes"


Baltimore Sun, October 20, 2008: "Falling short on training"


Baltimore Sun, October 19, 2008: "A new era"


Baltimore Sun, October 15, 2008: "Working and poor"


Southern Maryland Online, October 14, 2008: "Md.'s Working Families Claim Second-Richest of the Poor"


Baltimore Sun, September 25, 2008: "Health insurance costs up 5% this year"


Maryland Daily Record, August 29, 2008: "Regional Perspectives: Economic woes bring diminished cheer for many this Labor Day"


Baltimore Sun, August 27, 2008: "Md. still richest state in the nation" 


Baltimore Sun, August 16, 2008: "Jobless rate in Md. up sharply" 


Wall Street Journal, July 29, 2008: "Majority of Jobless in U.S. Don't Get Benefits"


ABC News, July 24, 2008: "Surviving (Or Not) on Minimum Wage"


Baltimore Sun, July 23, 2008: "Federal minimum wage to increase"


Baltimore Sun, July 7, 2008: "A chance for a clean slate"


Baltimore Sun, July 1, 2008: "Medicaid reaches more"


Washington Post, June 27, 2008: "Senate Passes Broad War Funding Measure"


Baltimore Examiner, June 10, 2008: "Area financial counseling nonprofits launch free hotline"


New York Times, May 12, 2008: "State Programs Add Safety Net for the Poorest"


Maryland Daily Record, April 7, 2008: "Unemployment bill is caught in logjam"


Baltimore Sun, March 25, 2008: "Flexible leave gains support"


Baltimore Examiner, March 25, 2008: "House OKs paid-leave benefits to care for sick family members"


Maryland Daily Record, March 24, 2008: "Flexible leave bills may pass"


Washington Post, March 18, 2008: "Educating Adults"


Maryland Daily Record, March 17, 2008: "Unemployment benefits get closer for part-time workers"


Baltimore Sun, March 9, 2008: "The poor and plenty"


Wall Street Journal, March 8, 2008: "More People Pushed Into Part-Time Work Force"


Baltimore City Paper, February 6, 2008: "Lax on Taxes: Little Regulation of Tax Preparers Makes Industry Prime for Fraud"


Baltimore Sun, February 1, 2008: "Motorists seeking insurance relief"


Baltimore Sun, January 31, 2008: "Employers are key to convicts' fresh start"


Maryland Daily Record, January 29, 2008: "MedStar, high school team on 'Rx for Success' to combat worker shortage"


Baltimore Sun, January 26, 2008: "New Welfare Rules Friendlier to Students"


Baltimore Sun, January 8, 2008: "IRS takes a step on refund loans"


Baltimore Sun, December 16, 2007: "Homeless 'out there' closer than you think"


Baltimore Sun, November 23, 2007: "It's the law"


Baltimore Sun, November 14, 2007: "Reform child support to encourage parents to pay"


Washington Post, October 31, 2007: "A Statistical Portrait That Puts Black America in a Hopeful Light" 


Baltimore Sun, October 29, 2007: "Scoring credit" 


Associated Press, October 19, 2007: "Living paycheck to paycheck gets harder" 


Baltimore Examiner, October 17, 2007: "Report: City's poor pay $3,000 'poverty premium'" 


New York Times, October 6, 2007: "BASIC INSTINCTS; Paid Leave for Maternity Is the Norm, Except In..." 


Baltimore Sun, September 25, 2007: "Expansion of credit offsets tax increases"


Baltimore Examiner, September 25, 2007: "Low-income residents cope with rate hike" 


Baltimore Sun, September 20, 2007: "Poor pay more for city living" 


Christian Science Monitor, September 19, 2007: "The US has enough work to go around. It just doesn't have a workforce trained to do it."


New York Times, September 14, 2007: "More Help Needed for Tougher Times" 


Baltimore Sun, September 4, 2007: "Affluent and not" 


Baltimore City Paper, August 8, 2007: "Box-ing Our Ears"


Baltimore Sun, July 21, 2007: "Md. adds few jobs in June" 


Afro American Newspaper, July 19, 2007: "'Box' ban proposed for city applications"


Baltimore Sun, June 20, 2007: "Md. adds 3,600 jobs; jobless rate stays at 3.6%" 


Baltimore Sun, June 20, 2007: "Local job fair draws 1,000; Md. jobless rate stays at 3.6%" 


Baltimore Sun, June 1, 2007: "40,000 new jobs created in area" 


International Business Times, June 1, 2007: "Employers Nearly Double New Jobs in May" 


Business Week, May 21, 2007: "The Poverty Business"


Business Week, May 21, 2007: "Online Extra: Cutting the Cost of Poverty"


Baltimore Sun, May 6, 2007: "Families discuss 'living wage'"


Wall Street Journal, April 19, 2007: "Lack of Well-Educated Workers Has Lots of Roots, No Quick Fix"


Baltimore Sun, April 14, 2007: "Redefining fatherhood"


Washington Post, April 12, 2007: "Session Winds Up, Bringing Benefits for Working Class"


Baltimore Sun, April 6, 2007: "A Course Correction" (Editorial)


New York Times, March 15, 2007: "The Danger Zone"


New York Times, March 5, 2007: "Education, Education, Education"


Washington Post, February 26, 2007: "Building a Career Path Where There Was Just a Dead End"


Baltimore Sun, February 21, 2007: "Help working poor get whey they're due"


Baltimore Examiner, January 31, 2007: "Officials: Expunge Arrest Records"


Baltimore Sun, January 7, 2007: "Costly twist on tax refund loan is called a bad deal"

Baltimore City Paper, April 19, 2006: "Legislative Failures " (Letter to The Editor)

Baltimore City Paper, April 5, 2006: "RESTART Me Up" (Letter to The Editor)

Baltimore Sun, January 18, 2006: "Paid leave laws aid working families" (Letter to the Editor)

WYPR 88.1-FM, January 17, 2006: "Advocates aim to help ex-offenders stay out of penal system"

Baltimore Sun, January 14, 2006: "High-profile bills have low impact"

Baltimore Sun, January 14, 2006: "Prison reform urged at meeting"

Provoke Radio, WBAL 1090-AM, November 13, 2005: "The Working Poor: Invisible in America," Part 2

Provoke Radio, WBAL 1090-AM, November 6, 2005: "The Working Poor: Invisible in America," Part 1

Baltimore Sun, November 2, 2005: "Getting a leg up from far down"

Baltimore Business Journal, October 20, 2005: "City launches construction job-training program"

Daily Record , September 23, 2005: "Show Me the Results" - JOTF/AFL-CIO Letter to the Editor About the Need for Greater Economic Development Disclosure

Baltimore Sun, August 1, 2005: "Ex-convicts are part of the city's future" (Letter to the Editor)

Baltimore Sun, July 26, 2005: "NAACP objects to plans for downtown hotel"

Baltimore Sun, July 21, 2005: "Group wants hotel to hire primarily city residents"

Baltimore Sun, April 12, 2005: "Raising the floor for wages helps business, labor" (Letter to the Editor)

Baltimore Sun, March 21, 2005: "Time for Maryland to make adult education a priority" (Opinion)

Baltimore Sun, March 1, 2005: "Unusual accord on raising jobless pay"

Baltimore Sun, February 11, 2005: "Md. legislators to push for minimum-wage rise"

Baltimore Sun, January 10, 2005: "Helping parents meet obligations to their children" (Letter to the Editor)

Baltimore Sun, November 22, 2004: "Report exposes state's education gap"

Daily Record, October 12, 2004: "Report details struggles of the working poor"

The Business Gazette, July 30, 2004: "Federal bill targets unemployment fraud"

Baltimore Business Journal, June 16, 2004: "Report highlights city's work force training needs"

Daily Record, June 15, 2004: "Study shows value of job training"

Washington Post, Mar. 28, 2004: "Moving From the Margins in Maryland" (Opinion)

Baltimore Sun, Mar. 28, 2004: "Baltimore isn't working because its people don't"

Baltimore Sun, Jan. 27, 2004: "Breaking poverty's grip"

Daily Record, Jan. 26, 2004: "Report finds policies to combat poverty"

Baltimore Business Journal, Jan. 26, 2004: "Md must do more to connect the poor to good jobs, study says"

Baltimore Sun, Jan. 15, 2004: "Broken system of immigration needs better fix" (Letter to the Editor)

Baltimore Sun, Jan. 9, 2004: "Bush's immigration plan under fire"

Baltimore Sun, Nov. 1, 2003: "Trust for jobless needs fuller funding" (Letter to the Editor)

Daily Record, Oct. 15, 2003: "Dredging firm first to get investment, more coming"

Daily Record, June 11, 2003: "Institute to bolster E. Baltimore firms"

Baltimore Sun, Apr. 9, 2003: "Maryland needs part-time parity"

Baltimore Sun, Feb. 24, 2003: " Keeping your focus: Tips for displaced workers having trouble finding their next job"

Baltimore Sun, Feb. 24, 2003: "The discouraged worker: The challenge of finding employment in tough economic times has a psychological impact for many that is hard to overcome"

The Star Democrat, Feb. 24, 2003: " Maryland's unemployment benefits rank near bottom"

Washington Post, Feb. 24, 2003: "Study Attacks Md. Jobless Benefits"

Associated Press, Feb. 23, 2003: "Maryland's Unemployment Benefits Among Worst"

Baltimore Sun, Feb. 23, 2003: "Md.'s jobless benefits rated among worst"

Baltimore City Paper, Feb. 19, 2003: "Despite State Law, Advocates Say State Inmates are Not Always Getting the Education They Deserve"

Daily Record, Jan. 28, 2003: "Small businesses need worker training and retention help, too"

Daily Record, Jan. 27, 2003: "Economic development seen in employee skills"

Daily Record, Dec. 16, 2002: "City wage boost barely a dent"

Daily Record, Dec. 4, 2002: "City urged to promote pay, perks"

Baltimore Sun, Nov. 20, 2002: "High-tech future, low-tech job skills"

Daily Record, Nov. 20, 2002: "Study: Create link between low-skill workers and jobs "

Baltimore Chronicle, Nov. 20, 2002: "Subsidizing the Low Road: Economists Say City Faces ‘Employment Mismatch’"

Baltimore Sun, Sep. 1, 2001: "Inmates need skills" (Letter to the Editor)

Baltimore Sun, Feb. 12, 2001: "Investment in job training would help region prosper"

Baltimore Sun, Nov. 22, 2000: "Survey says poverty line too low for family of 4; Study part of push to form plans to help working poor"

Associated Press State and Local Wire, July 24, 1999: "Job growth in Maryland continues to climb"

Baltimore Sun, May 22, 1999: "Most area jobs 'low-skill' and they're scarce, too; Demand for work nearly three times greater than openings"

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