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General Assembly Session Concludes

Sick leave, criminal records shielding to return in 2015

The 2014 General Assembly recently ended and while lawmakers put their stamp of approval on a number of bills, several key pieces of legislation were left behind.


Though important measures to increase the minimum wage and expand access to the Earned Income Tax Credit won lawmaker support, both the Earned Sick and Safe Leave Act and the Maryland Second Chance Act of 2014 did not move forward this year. This is especially disappointing because these proposed laws would have benefited thousands of Marylanders by helping workers maintain economic stability and making it possible for people with criminal records to reenter the workforce.


We are confident these important policies will eventually be a part of Maryland law and are grateful for the diverse support these bills have received.
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Low-wage workers are twice as likely as high-wage workers to find themselves unemployed, but only one-third as likely to collect unemplolyment insurance benefits. 
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