Discussion of the Impact of Foreclosures on Renters

With foreclosure rates on the rise across the U.S., the media, state legislatures, and advocates have focused intensively on how this impacts homeowners. Less attention has been paid to the impact on renters, though there is growing anecdotal evidence that renters are being displaced when their home is foreclosed.

On June 25th, JOTF, the Baltimore CASH Campaign, and the Baltimore Homeownership Preservation Coalition co-hosted a forum to start a conversation around the issue. The event featured two Senior Researchers from the Urban Institute. Tom Kingsley and Robin Smith presented information on national trends, described challenges other communities are facing, and provided a national context for the next wave of the foreclosure crisis. Attendees discussed the status of housing policy in Maryland, and how this impacts local renters.

Click here for Tom Kingsley and Robin Smith's presentation 'Renters and the SubPrime Crisis' from the June 25th forum in PDF format.

For more information on the event, or to request a copy of the presentation, please contact Andrea Payne at 410-234-8303.

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