Making Tax Time Pay: How the Earned Income Tax Credit Benefits Working Families

Speakers: Joanna Ramani and Pam Chaney, Baltimore CASH Campaign

Moderator: Jason Perkins-Cohen, Executive Director, JOTF

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) was created in 1975 to encourage employment among low-income workers, reduce their tax-burden, and supplement their wages.  Yet many working families are not aware of this benefit, or remain unsure about how to claim it.  Through education and outreach about the EITC, workforce development agencies and other community-based organizations can help boost family incomes, promote mainstream employment, and stimulate local economies.

View the CASH Campaign PowerPoint presentation on tax credits that help working families.

About the CASH Campaign
The Baltimore CASH (Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope) Campaign is a coalition of nonprofit organizations, businesses, local government agencies, the IRS, and philanthropic foundations dedicated to: informing low-income workers about the significant cash benefits of the Earned Income Tax Credit; Providing high quality, free tax preparation services; Linking clients with asset development opportunities such as financial literacy classes, savings programs, and mainstream banking opportunities.  Since 2001, the Campaign has helped City residents claim over $7 million in EITC payments.

JOTF thanks the Annie E. Casey Foundation for its generous support of this forum.

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