By JOTF on 8/29/2016

By Lavanya Madhusudan, Policy Research Analyst

As recently noted in the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore City is proposing cuts to the Charm City Circulator free bus service, less than a year after expanding the Circulator’s Purple route and reversing a plan to eliminate the Banner route (“Cuts proposed again to Baltimore’s Charm City Circulator,” July 20, 2016).

As a daily patron of the Circulator’s Purple Route, and having occasionally used the Green and Orange routes, I can attest firsthand to the unique value of the Circulator. The Circulator is an asset to Baltimore City and represents a true public transport success story from which valuable lessons can be learned. Rather than cutting service, the City should work towards expanding this great resource.

By JOTF on 10/28/2013
by Andrea Roethke

Earlier this month JOTF released a new report exploring the workforce development landscape in Prince George’s County. While the county is faring well in many respects, local workers face a unique mix of challenges, with educational gaps at the top of the list.  Our report frames and qualifies these challenges, providing the context for what we hope will be a collaborative effort to identify and implement solutions.


Prince George’s County is part of a thriving regional economy, and the County’s $70,715 median income reflects this. Some of the overall statistics on the county can be deceiving, however, as they mask significant regional disparities. Communities inside the Capital Beltway have much higher rates of unemployment and poverty, for example.

By JOTF on 1/7/2013

by Sarah Breitenbach


With the New Year comes cause for JOTF to celebrate. We are happy to announce, that for the first time, a developer is financing seats in our Project JumpStart construction training program.


Through a new partnership, the Maryland Proton Treatment Center Development Team (Advanced Particle Therapy, Signet Enterprises and Haskell) and the University of Maryland BioPark have graciously sponsored four seats in JumpStart’s 20th class, which begins Jan. 7 in east Baltimore.  

By JOTF on 6/3/2012

by Matt Stubbs
Many of us take for granted having a readily available mode of transportation. We have no worries or doubts about how we are getting to work in the morning or how we are going to drop our kids off at school or daycare. For some, however, a reliable source of transportation is life changing. In March, a JumpStart graduate named Harold received a car from Vehicles for Change (VFC) with JOTF’s sponsorship.

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