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JOTF priorities receive wide support

Second Chance legislation works its way through General Assembly

A number of JOTF priorities, including the Maryland Second Chance Act of 2015, are moving through the General Assembly.


The Second Chance Act, a measure that has bipartisan support  and was a focal point at this year’s Rally for Jobs and Housing in Annapolis, is before the legislature for a fourth time. The bill would shield records of certain nonviolent misdemeanor convictions from public view.  Law enforcement and court system officials would still have access to these records.


Action will be swift as the Legislature wraps up in the coming weeks. Be sure to sign up for JOTF policy alerts to stay up-to-date on our advocacy work.  


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Low-wage workers are twice as likely as high-wage workers to find themselves unemployed, but only one-third as likely to collect unemplolyment insurance benefits. 
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